My 1968 VW Type 2 Bus Conversion

I bought my 1968 VW Crewcab in May 1986 from Boardwalk VW in Redwood City, CA. It had been the dealer's parts truck for 16 years. The 2nd owner bought it from the dealer, drove it for 3 years, then traded it back. I took a friend to the dealer to test drive the new Scirocco. I saw the truck as we were driving through the back lot on the way out. I bought it later that day. It's been an on-going science ever since.

From 1985 to 2000 I did a number of engine, brake and suspension modifications. The Type 1 motor grew from 1600cc to 1776cc to finally a 2110cc with 125 estimated h.p. The brakes were up-graded to 1973 front disk brakes and rear drums. I tried various shocks including KYB, Boge, and Bilstiens. I had the Bilstiens re-valved a few times to try and improve the ride. Sway-a-way front and rear 22 mm sway bays were also installed. It had 27mm rear torsion bars. The wheels are OZ Racing 6x15's (for Mercedes 190) with Pirelli P6 205/60/15's front and 215/65/15's rear.

In 2000 we bought a totaled 1986 911 with the plan of installing the 3.2 engine and transmission into our '73 911E Targa. This left the stock 2.4E and transmission sitting there, so my Porsche mechanic & I installed it in the Crewcab. The motor was freshened and converted to 40mm Weber carbs prior to installation.

In 2003, we decided to sell the Targa with the original motor, so I swapped the 2.4E motor out of the Crewcab and replaced it with the 3.2 motor and transmission.

Here is a brief description of the Crewcab as of January 2011. Below that is a list of the projects I've done since 2011.

Motor: Porsche 1986 3.2 motor w/46mm PMO carbs, Electromotive crank fire ignition, SSI heat exchangers, custom muffler. The long block is stock. Remote oil cooler, fan and thermostat mounted under body. Estimated 240 h.p. at the crank.

Transmission: 1986 915 transmission w/7:31 r&p and early 5th gear, Sachs sport clutch. I grafted a 911 tunnel between the seats, Wevo shifter, custom shift rod, Smart Racing shift rod coupler, and hydraulic clutch.

Front suspension: Koni custom valved double adjustable shocks, 22mm front sway bar, Albatross front beam.

Rear suspension: Wevo single adjustable shocks, 27mm torsion bars, modified 22mm sway bar. I've also used Bilstein RSR shocks re-valved to R10 by Smart Racing. Either shock will work with coil overs. Sway-a-way adjustable spring plates.

Interior: The divider panel between the front & back seats was removed a few years after I bought the bus. Roll on sound deadening was applied everywhere to quiet down the interior. The steering wheel is an original Empi given to me by a friend. Bracing and aluminum sheeting were added to level out the top of the wheel wells in order to mount the sport seats. The front seats are Scheel sport seats that were popular in the '70's 911's and BMW's. The stock rear seat was retained. A 911 shift console was welded in, and the shifter is by Wevo.

I've included descriptions of a few projects I've done since 2011 here on this website:

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